Somebody Call the Heresy Police! (Not) LOVE WINS. from Rob Bell on Vimeo. There's some buzz on the neoReformed blogosphere (Justin Taylor, Kevin DeYoung) today that megachurch emerging celebrity pastor Rob Bell is finally coming out as a universalist based on the above video and the publisher's description of his forthcoming book: Now, in Love Wins: Heaven, Hell, and the... Continue Reading →

Justice vs. Evangelism

At our regional staff conference today, Una presented a seminar on integrating evangelism and concern for social justice.  She cited the division between liberal and fundamentalist Christians and the politics and overreactions that result as the primary reason many American Christians today are unable to integrate concern for both.  Liberal Christians tend to care about... Continue Reading →

How Wide the Divide?

As someone who straddles the worlds of conservative and progressive evangelicalism, the divide often feels wider to me than it actually is.  A few encouraging recent bytes:Mark Driscoll gave a pretty good sermon recently on the emerging church and the importance of contextualization via Acts 17.  He specifically identifies "emerging evangelicals" who may have women... Continue Reading →

Theological Spectrum DRAFT

I'm leading a Christian doctrine cohort next semester for some AAIV and possibly some Greek IV leaders.  The core book we'll probably use is Roger Olson's Mosaic of Christian Belief (Olson is a Baptist Arminian evangelical systematic theologian at Baylor/Truett). One of the cohort's goals is to give the students a pretty good idea of... Continue Reading →

Non-Asian Speakers at Asian American Fellowships

I wrote a list of suggested Do's and Don'ts for non-Asian (mostly white) speakers at AAIV large group meetings so that they can speak more appropriately to our context.  Any thoughts, comments, or suggested additions? Do define all biblical, theological, and technical terms (e.g., kingdom, covenant, justification, remnant, postmodern, eschatological) and don’t assume that the... Continue Reading →

Response to Affirmative Action Opinion

Submitted in response to this opinion from Tuesday.  A bit late, but hopefully the Daily Cardinal publishes me.   Thanks Goodie for the link!(I'm curious for a few opinions of whether it was foolish of me to identify myself as Christian... whether a Christian should not take this type of tone, etc)============Dear Editor, Two decades ago,... Continue Reading →

Marriage Woes Part 2

I received quite a lot of responses via email, gtalk, and facebook on the last entry but not a lot of comments... in any case I'd like to make two proposals in light of Regnerus's thoughts.Marriage or AbstinenceI disagree with Regnerus that simply advocating for earlier marriage is a solution.  I'm also wary of how... Continue Reading →

Marriage Woes

It's summer and marriage is in the air.  I often complain about how living in semi-rural Wisconsin and hanging around a lot of evangelicals means I get to feel like a freak for being 26 and unmarried.  "Goodness!" screams the transnational Asian American who lived in cities most of his life who was born when... Continue Reading →

Just live your life…

The self-righteous, self-aggrandizing fuss over Terri Schiavo a few years ago sickened me and showed me just how foolishly dogmatic and out-of-touch the Religious Right and its wing of the Republican party were becoming.  I applauded Clint Eastwood for his gutsy ending of Million Dollar Baby and sympathized with his character and Hilary Swank's.But this... Continue Reading →

Jacob have I loved…

After finishing Systematic Theology 2 through InterVarsity's national staff training institute last Wednesday for credit at Trinity, I'm exhausted and overwhelmed but profoundly moved by the character of God as shown in Jesus Christ.  The class was taught by InterVarsity Press's academic editor who studied under J.B. Torrance at Aberdeen and largely followed a Fuller... Continue Reading →

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